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6 Ways how VR/AR can help you increase Property Sales!

Virtual Reality(VR) is the new age technology, that lets you create real-life 360° experiences of your underdeveloped/half-developed/ developed projects and designs. With the help of VR, you can create and share fully interactive 3D tours and add life to your traditional 2D brochures and visuals.

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Can Technology Create a Better Home-Buying Experience?

With homes selling seemingly at the speed of light, many buyers are faced with making quick decisions and taking fast action in the process. Digital signing, online listings and other conveniences save everyone time. And now it’s easier than ever for buyers to learn about the home through technology advances in home inspection. The home […] The post Can Technology Create a Better Home-Buying Experience? appeared first on RISMedia.
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Don’t let Japanese Knotweed Lose you the Sale

As an Estate Agent, you know that you do not get paid if a house sale does not go through! You also want to ensure that your client has the smoothest journey possible to purchasing or selling a property with minimal delays. Japanese Knotweed does not have to be a deal-breaker. Familiarise yourself with what this highly invasive plant looks like. Advise any client attempting to sell a knotweed affected property to take proactive steps to get treatment underway before the buyer is taken by surprise.